Looking for Therapy?

Do you feel ready for some changes? Or maybe you didn’t want them, but they happened anyway?

We all go through changes. If life is a Taith, a journey, sometimes the path gets unclear and things can feel very uncertain. If you are in a confusing place right now, or just want to explore your personal development, perhaps I can help.

My name is Kate Hardy, pronouns she/her, and I am a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, EMDR practitioner and BACP Accredited Counsellor. I offer individual, couples and group therapy, clinical supervision, and creative environments for learning. I work with neurodivergent as well as neurotypical people.

I specialise in life changes and transitions. These can include the challenges of health diagnoses, becoming a ‘carer’, and changes to identity. I often work with people who are exploring their identity, and coming to a new understanding of themselves including autism and ADHD. I also specialise in longer term personal growth work, and relationship therapy. I have been counselling for neary 25 years and first qualified in 2005.

Therapy can help you with specific issues that may be troubling you. It can also be a longer journey of self discovery leading to lasting change. You might find it helpful if you would like to: talk through difficult experiences you are having; develop skills and self confidence; adjust to changed circumstances; think through tough decisions; understand yourself better; deal with problem thoughts, behaviour or reltionships; or face painful memories from the past.

I work online, or face to face in a beautiful, peaceful setting in mid Wales, Ystrad Meurig which is 30 minutes by car from Aberystwyth or Lampeter.

I also run online and face to face personal development groups, as an alternative to one to one therapy. I am learning Welsh but not anywhere near fluent yet, so I work in English. (I can recommend Welsh speaking colleagues if you would like to work with a counsellor in Welsh).

What would you like to change?

You might be looking for positive changes in your relationships, jealth, work, caring, identity, work, recovery from a bereavement, breakdown or breakup, or family problems. You might have gone through changes you did not want or ask for. You might be experiencing a lot of anxiety, or feeling sadness or low mood right now. My personal practice as a psychotherapist is all about you and what you need from your therapy.

We will start with some simple strategies to bring things back to a place where they feel more manageable, 

From there, if you want to, we can look more deeply at what has led you to this point in your life, and also the places where you perhaps would like to go next on your journey.

My approach as a psychotherapist is gentle, supportive and respectful, based on Transactional Analysis. I work with every individual as a whole person, including feelings, thoughts and behaviour as well as their inner “heart”. 

I work with couples, approaching every couple as a relationship which has the potential to develop and change. I am trained as an Imago couples therapist. I can help you to make choices about the future, and to build intimacy, warmth and loving communication in your relationship.

Over the years I have helped individuals and couples with issues including: relationship problems, bereavement, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, OCD, personality ‘disorder’, anger management, and work-related stress, as well as many couples seeking help with relationship breakdowns, difficulties and changes.

I also facilitate online therapy groups. Text me on 07979 654124 to learn more about groups.

If you are interested in individual therapy, couples therapy or joining a group, text me on 07979 654124 or email kate.hardy5@gmail.com to book an online or face to face appointment with me today.