Couples Counselling

Relationships go through all kinds of seasons and changes. Sometimes it can be useful to have a safe space to talk about things.

Every relationship has the potential to develop and change. I am trained as an Imago relationship therapist, which means I am skilled in helping you to have safe, supportive conversations even about the most difficult subjects. I can help you to make choices about the future, and to build intimacy, warmth and loving communication in your relationships.

I specialise in anxious/ avoidant cycles in relationships. Very often in a relationship one partner will be more anxious and seeking connection. This can manifest in different ways and sometimes it feels intrusive to the other partner, who shuts down.

Relationship counselling may be useful to you if you are:

  • Going through a crisis, for example after an affair
  • Having difficulty communicating
  • Preparing for or considering separation
  • Struggling with conflicts and arguments which never seem to be resolved
  • Thinking about getting married
  • Facing difficulties as parents.

Relationship therapy is often completed in less than a dozen sessions. It is often fortnightly, sometimes after an initial phase of weekly sessions. Sessions are based on learning to communicate clearly and well, and addressing emotional needs which may be unmet within the relationship. Problems in relationships can often be resolved if things can change so that both partners’ needs are being met, but sometimes it can be helpful to have support in moving on from the relationship.

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